Bug Sweeps Provided:

  • Residential Homes
  • Apartments
  • College Dorms
  • Vacation Homes & Rentals
  • Business Locations 
  • Vehicles and Transportation
  • Cellular Phone Scans

Residential & Personal Living Space TSCM Sweeps:

 Modern eavesdropping devices are relatively cheap and easy to obtain online and can be quickly installed by anyone who has access to your home, even for a short time. That means any maintenance workers, pest control employees, service workers, or even visitors could quickly place a surveillance device in your home while performing their normal duties. We can help protect the sanctity of your home and help you maintain your privacy.

Have you had maintenance or other workers in your home?

In today’s digital world, threats to your privacy can come in many forms and spying is not just something that happens in the movies anymore. In this high-tech world we live in, sophisticated bugging devices are easy to obtain through online spy shops and have resulted in people's privacy and security being compromised more often than you may think. Anyone can be a target of illegal surveillance. If you live in an apartment or dorm where others have access to your private space, you are at risk. If you are going through a divorce or other legal battle, you are at risk. Anyone who has information that others may find valuable is at risk and could be targeted. If you have had work done in your home or suspect that someone has had access to your home while you were away, contact us to discuss how our bug sweep services can assist in restoring your peace of mind.

  • Full Residence Sweeps
  • Targeted Camera Inspections
  • Dorm & Apartment Inspections
  • Wi-Fi Inspections & Evaluations
  • Threat Assesments
  • Audio Transmitters
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Rogue Wi-Fi Devices
  • Cellular Spyware
  • Remote Viewing

DeFatta & Associates, LLC offers a wide range of electronic bug sweep services designed to keep your home secure from unwanted illegal surveillance. From our camera inspections to our full TSCM bug sweeps, we help provide you with the reassurance of knowing that you are secure in your own home.

It happens more often than you might think. Anyone with access can hide a camera.

Our bug sweep services will neutralize the threat posed by any eavesdropping or surveillance devices which have been placed in your home.

Our personnel have extensive experience in the fields of covert surveillance and electronic surveillance detection and are professionally trained in finding hidden electronics and using the specialized equipment utilized during our investigations. Using an array of complex TSCM tools, detailed physical searches, and our knowledge of modern threats, we provide a quality product to our clients that is unmatched in our area. At DeFatta & Associates we take great care to ensure that we stay abreast of new technology and make significant investments in the latest TSCM (bug detecting) technology and training to ensure we provide our clients with comprehensive sweep that covers all ranges of threats. We utilize our experience, technology, and training to ensure our clients receive the peace of mind they deserve and expect.