Let our professional electronic "Bug Sweep" team help make sure your private information remains private. 

  • Corporate Office Inspections & Sweeps
  • Restroom & Locker Room  Hidden Camera Inspections & Staff Training
  • Conference & Meeting Monitoring
  • Risk Analysis & Evaluations
  • Private Home Inspections & Sweeps
  • Apartment or Rental Space Camera Inspections
  • Vehicle Inspections for Audio & GPS
  • Risk Analysis & Security Evaluations
  • Cellular Phone Analysis

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Services for Businesses and Private Individuals

DeFatta & Associates offers a full array of electronic bug sweep and technical services designed to protect our clients from illegal surveillance devices and eavesdropping attacks. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy, intellectual property, reputation, and private communications. 

Our TSCM Services & Equipment Includes:

  • Broadband Spectrum Analysis - used to search for and analyze radio frequency transmissions.
  • Nearfield Handheld Spectrum Analyzer - used to detect and locate known and unknown RF transmissions of all types. 
  • Non-Linear Junction Detector Inspection - used to discover hidden devices which are not transmitting. 
  • Thermal Image Inspection - used for searching for heat signatures of hidden devices. 
  • Wi-Fi Signal Search and Analysis - used to identify rogue access points and devices. 
  • Infrared  & White Light Signal Search and Analysis
  • Telephone and Cellular inspections.
  • GPS Signal Searches 
  • Detailed Physical Search and Inspection

We have made a significant investiment in top of the line equipment and training to ensure we are able to provide professional level bug sweeps and other TSCM services to our clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss our equipment and our sweep teams training. A large part of our equipment and training has been provided by REI & Kestrel. To learn more about these TSCM providers visit there web pages by clicking on the logos below.

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Cameras and other surveillance devices can be hidden almost anywhere!

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