Corporate Bug Sweeps:

  • Office or Location Sweeps
  • Bathroom Camera Inspections
  • Meeting Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Analysis
  • Security Assessments
  • Employee Training


DeFatta & Associates, LLC offers a wide range of electronic bug sweep services designed to ensure the privacy of your customers, staff, and family. Our services help to protect not only your business-related information, we also work to ensure that your business is secure from unwanted illegal surveillance. 

From our camera inspections used to ensure restrooms, changing areas, and lounges are free from hidden cameras, to our full TSCM bug sweeps, we help protect your business. Our bug sweep services will neutralize the threat posed by any eavesdropping or surveillance devices which have been placed in your business by a competitor, rogue or disgruntled employee, or even a voyeur looking for footage from public restrooms to stream online or enjoy for themselves. Modern eavesdropping devices are relatively cheap and easy to obtain online and can be quickly installed by anyone who has access to your business. This means a competitor posing as a visitor, customer, contract employee, or anyone who has just a few minutes alone can place a surveillance device within your business. Think of the damage that could do to your business.

In today’s digital world, threats to your privacy can come in many forms and spying is not just something that happens in the movies anymore. Anyone can be a target of illegal surveillance. If you are working in a competitive industry, bid on jobs, have a product that is specialized, or just want to protect your business from the harm a hidden camera being discovered in your restroom could do, you should consider having regular bug sweeps and camera inspections. Imagine the expense of litigation and the results of the bad press that could come from a hidden camera being found in an area where your customers, staff, and visitors expect privacy.

  • Professional TSCM Provider
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Remote Meeting Site Sweeps
  • Executive Offices
  • Meeting Monitoring
  • Camera Inspections
  • Restrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Employee Training

Have you done all you can to protect your business?

It is not just about protecting your business secrets:

Many businesses have been sued and had their business reputation damaged because of the actions of a voyeur looking for cheap thrills. Regular bug sweeps should be documented, just as you would other risk management steps, to ensure you have proof that you have done all you could to protect your business should there be a problem. When it comes to the theft of intellectual or proprietary information, courts have found that businesses must show they took steps to protect the information before it can be deemed valuable. Think of regular bug sweeps as another part of your overall loss prevention strategy designed to strengthen the overall security of your business.

We provide detailed reports of our investigation along with security recommendations to help keep the location secure after our investigation is complete.